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Dec 28, 2012 3:30am PST
forest and we will explain to you the story. >> that was namaste. the devine in me greets the devine in you. can you say that? very good. so, as joe anna was saying. this come from the word meaning to tell stores. this is a story teller. you guys i heard out there i was listening a birdie told me you thought you were going to see a movie; right ? >> you are. in the old days this comes from what country? india. thousands of years ago and hundreds of years ago in india there were no movie theatres, no television, no radio, no comic books or no books for people like you and me to read. was this the same here? >> yes. all offer the world it was like that. ask your parents. they can tell you what it was like before the internet. so, people told stores. i bet you tell stories. did you tell a story today? >> yeah, i bet you did you went up to our friend and said, did you see that? your friend said, no, no he didn't. right? that's a story. so, i will tell you a story. in india, here we have super heroes like, tell me a hero. >> super man. we have super heroes in india. krishna. lifts
Dec 7, 2012 1:00pm PST
steamed. the guy you're looking at is devin mclean. he was an employee at auto zone. look at the surveillance footage we have from auto zone. the guy you're seeing in the middle of the screen is known as the fake beard bandit. and according to police, he's responsible for, they think, dozens of robberies in this area. the fake beard bandit walks in to devin mclean's store pointing a weapon so he's like -- >> i waited for him to go back up toward the front and i ran out of the restroom to the back door into my truck where i keep my own personal weapon and grabbed my weapon, came back into the store and confronted the guy. >> the fake beard bandit runs out of the store. doesn't get away with a thing and doesn't harm anyone in the store. two days later auto zone fired devin mclean. according to auto zone corporate policy, they have a zero tolerance policy for employees bringing weapons inside the store. >> i know that's a rule but at times there needs to be exceptions to rules. >> lost merchandise, lost money. >> auto zone doesn't care if they lose money. they do care if one of thei
Dec 16, 2012 5:00pm PST
in the devine realm. that reunion shall be for eternity, while in this world, separation is inevitable and bringeth with it a burning grief. praise be unto god that thou has faith. turning thy faith to the everlasting kingdom and believe in the everlasting world. be not disconsulate. do not languish. do not sigh. neither wail, nor weep, for agitation and mourning deeply effect the soul, their soul, in the devine realm. >> that beloved child address from the hidden world. oh, thou kind mother and father, thank devine providence that i have been freed from a small and gloomy cage, and like the birds of the meadows, have soared to the devine world, a world which is spacious, illumined and ever joyous and jubilant. therefore, lament not, oh, mother and father, and be not grieved. i am not of the lost, nor have i been obliterated and destroyed. i have shaken off the mortal form and have raised my banner in this spiritual world. following this separation is everlasting companionship. thou shalt find me in the heaven of the lord, immersed in an ocean of light. >> god, we call you b
Dec 6, 2012 11:00pm EST
auto-store.../ finally... stopped... the suspect.... withhhis gun! and... arested...// devin... mclean.... took... action... after recognizing... the fake beard... baadit...//// but... 2---ddys later -/ devin... was fired....// fired....// "it's like kinda getting slappedd n the face for doing something that you feel was right and that everybody else prounn you feels you were right, entered the sttre withh the compaay... weapon." pntered the storr with myy weapon." &p the company... haa for employees having weapons... in... the store...//. see.../ apparently.../ the company... having... dead .. - workers...// lying... all over the flor...// a lawsuit...// 3 yesterday... yesterday... we told you ...aaout... "bacon... shaaing cream.".../// today... / we're talking... "pizza perrume" perfume."pizza hut... is launching... itss...own perfume line... / that smells... like a fresh pizza...//.theecompany says... it smells... like... dough."...//..or... now.../.for... noo.../ limited quantities of pizza hut... perfume... will be available... in canada... to cellbrate that sector ...of
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Dec 4, 2012 7:00pm PST
to help. >> greta: a store worker turns the tables on an armed robber. devin mcclain and his manager were getting ready to close a virginia auto zone shop when a gunman burst in. while the suspect forced the manager to open the safe, mcclain sneaked out and grabbed a gun from his truck. then he went back into the store, scared off the robber with his gun, and saved his boss's life. sounds like a good thing, right? well, the corporate brass didn't think so. mcclain got fired. why? well, devin mcclain is here to tell us. nice to see you. >> how you doing tonight? >> greta: well, your manager must like you, but corporate brass fired you. why did they fire you? >> well, they fired me because i reentered the store with my personal weapon. they have a zero tolerance policy against employees having weapons in the store. >> greta: what did your manager say to you because you obviously saved his life. >> well, he was very grateful that i was able to, i guess, make it to my vehicle and grab my own weapon, you know. after the situation had gone down, he said you know, thank you, devin.
Dec 17, 2012 9:00am PST
have another awesome video from devin supertramp. these guys are hooking on some skis, and they're headed down a zip line into lake powell. >> i have never seen that done before. >> they're going like one right after the other. it's called a zip line catapult. >> where is the other end of the zip line? >> when the first person releases, it catapults that second person into the air, but we have cliff diving, parachutes -- >> he parachuted right on to that yacht. >> to hang out with them, i think you to be a little insane. >> no, i think you just be willing to have a lot of fun, everything shot looks like a total blast, so call me. >> it's a good looking video, and in true supertramp style, there's a behind the scenes as well. >> that will do it for us here at rtm, we'll see you tomorrow, everybody. have a great rest of your day. ♪
Nov 30, 2012 8:30pm PST
bounds by devin fuller. so now you would think that jim mora jr. is in fairbairn range but he wants more. >> charles: a lot of defensive coordinators do when you're guarding the 35 yard line for field goals. this is where they increase pressure and decide to bring people at the quarterback. let's see if derek mason does. he's played coverage all the way downfield here. let's see if he changes up on this now. >> gus: let's see if hundley takes a shot. hundley underneath. gary johnson the intended receiver. and now jim mora will sending the field goal unit on. ka'imi fairbairn a freshman from hawaii. last week he kicked a season-long 48-yarder. this one will be from about 51 yards away for the tie. good snap, clean hold. wide. not the best snap. and stanford is in victory formation. the stanford cardinal will advance to the rose bowl for the first time since 1999. young david shaw masterful in a hard-fought effort by jim mora's ucla bruins. stanford 11-2, winners of the pac-12 north and the pac-12 champion, heading to pasadena. >> charles: and it was a tough snap. they did a nice job
Dec 11, 2012 4:00am PST
answer. matt schaub looking for walter. picked off by devin mccourty. his fourth interception of the season. the patriots "d" lead the nfc in takeaways. ensuing pats possession. brady, finds brandon lloyd. might want to play some defense. brady putting on a clinic. new england up 13-0. third drive of the game for new england. brady recognized no one's covering hernandez. quick out. touchdown. see it again here. hernandez yelling, brady, i'm hope, give it to me. i'll get in. patriots up 21-0. fourth quarter we go. patriots up 28-7. brady, to danny woodhead. check out j.j. watts. phenomenal player. tracks him down, punches it out. then, it's lloyd, johnny on the spot. falls on it for the touchdown. brady, four touchdowns in the game. patriots win 42-14. improving to 10-3. they've now won seven in a row. >>> that's your "sportscenter" update. i'm hakem dermish. have a great day. >>> if those were the highlights, let's call this the low-lights. it comes to us from sunday's appalachian state men's basketball game against western carolina. >> you have to feel sorry for app state's bria
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Dec 3, 2012 10:00am PST
spanish word for success because tad devine had been in bolivia working on that exact campaign. >> it was a very difficult campaign. our principal opponent had two things going for him: number one, he had a tremendous mustache. (laughter) he also had an incredible lama ad. he had an ad with him and a lama. but our candidate wound up winning elections. >> that's terrific. >> well, yes, he got elected but the results for the country were awful. >> what does this bolivian guy know about bolivia? >> listen, it's very complicated there and unfortunately after he was elected there was insurrection in the streets. riots and ultimately he was forced to resign. >> american style democracy undone by the will of the local people. (sighs) >> it was a very difficult situation. >> how did you pick yourself up? >> i went on to the next campaign. >> god bless you, sir. and their perseverance is rivaled only by their generosity. >> it's been great to travel to these places, to work with people. >> and to do all this without getting paid is just incredible. >> well, i get paid for it. >> yes, but less
Dec 10, 2012 11:35pm PST
"devin vee choed" and "charlie wilson's war." >> when you first started did you envision yourself where you are now? >> i didn't envision this. i just wanted to have the fun of filming. >> have you ever tasted failure while working? how did you deal with it? >> oh, yeah. you as a writer are going to write things that no one is going to get, no one is going to understand. you can't get that get in your way. i have made films that haven't done any business. without a doubt. but that doesn't mean i haven't learned something from doing that and that doesn't mean that individual project is not going to have a life long after what i've done. >> reporter: gabriel is one of 1600 mentees in the program. is this the type of stuff you're looking to do? >> reporter: mentorship is not about giving him a job. it is really just to give him some guidance. >> meeting him was daunting but it inspired me and energized me for what lies ahead. >> reporter: gabriel says he will move in february from his home in philadelphia to the sunshine of l.a. a brand new dream and a long way from afghanistan. for
Dec 12, 2012 1:35am PST
o night when christ was born o night, o holy night o night devine [applause] terry: thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen, dougie scott walker. [applause] craig: thank you so much. thank you much. terry fator, everybody. good night! welcome se my lcret,,,,, d you are? your worst nightmare mr. box. since you foolishly brought back your bonus jack! i have copied your two pure beef patties, lettuce, melting cheese, pickles, and middle bun, plus fries and a drink for $4.49. and now you will tell me what is in your secret sauce!! uh, i think i know. "we all know," "pretty obvious." you couldn't tell me when i handed out the wiener-dog lasers!?! second time in less than 2 weeks. good evening >>> lights out in the bay -- on the bay bridge. good evening. >> now right now the bridge looks like it always does. but the lights went out about 7:30. the only lights that worked were in the tunnel. traffic continued to flow. this is what it looked like as power came back on about 9:00. during the blackout i drove over the bridge. >> reporter: it's not that you can't see. it's just almost
Dec 19, 2012 1:00pm EST
shared the heartbreaking story of devin drake who is an example of the type of tragedy that we hope to prevent through the work of this commission. in august of 2011, devin drake was a 3-year-old boy living just outside of minneapolis with his mother and her boyfriend. child welfare officials had been in contact with the family previously, but this wasn't enough to prevent what happened next. it was on one faithful night that devin was seriously injured when his mother's boyfriend struck him, knocking him down to the bathroom floor. devin hit his head hard enough that he had trouble standing up, but neither his mother nor her boyfriend took the time to bring him to the hospital. his condition worsened the next day. doctors said that devin had severe head trauma, punctured lungs and several contusions. a few days later devin died. this bill will help prevent those types of tragedies. they would review the current effectiveness of child welfare services and examine fatalities. and through this work this commission can provide congress and others with critical information on how we can
Dec 31, 2012 12:00pm CST
very emotional reaction from devin hester. mrs of life is in the nfl. people get hired and fired. fill emery will not speak today. you have in this conference tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.. the bears fans already weighing in with their opinions. we're not finding a lot of fans that are all that surprised that he is out. frankly not a lot of them are upset to hear that either. not a lot of love lost for him. use generally muck by most of the last nine years. he led the team with that even kill them in there. even keel demeanor. >> the coach is the one that always gets the criticism in most cases. that is a hard pill to swallow for a coach. if you're not winning, you're not winning. >> he did nothing to improve the line. >> i think the last couple of years have been a little rough. >> as well as his biggest downfall offense keeps coming up as the topic of conversation. and obama is scheduled to speak about 30 minutes. this is as capitol hill lawmakers are battling the clock trying to keep the nation from going off the cliff. the autumn >> at expanding cuts and tax hikes could trigger a ne
Dec 6, 2012 5:00am EST
sculptures decorated in lights. devin murphy is with me. when does this whole process again? >> it does not happen overnight. it's a pretty long process. we start to wrap the trees during the first week of october. >> the trees are so detailed. you can see almost every branch little outup. day the monkees help out? >> just people. >> probably a union issue. i hear you have a mascot. tell me a little about the mascot? >> it is panda claus, and his tons of fun. you can meet him and take pictures with him. >> dancing with a snow globe. behind us we have a hummingbird getting nectar from the flower. we also have a butterfly in the distance. i see a lion. "zoolights" is on weekends for now. >> december 14 it starts running every night except december 24, december 25, and december 31. >> so it goes through new year's. >> january 1 is the last night. >> there's no admission? >> right. >> there's a nice slide. those are just a few of the things that cost a few dollars to do. >> yes. two 154 tracks you can slide down and that is $3. >>-- two 150-foot tracks. >> if your house is all decked out, send
Dec 25, 2012 5:00pm PST
hear the angels voices ♪ oh night devine oh night devine oh night devine [applause] >> merry christmas. >> along with the church service they also served up thousands of hot meals for the city's needy. will spoke with some of the volunteers. >> volunteers showed up bright and early. some as early as 5:00 in the morning carving up ham and turkey. by the time they're over they will serve 5,000 meals and of course there are new volunteers that want to help out but many of the people we spoke to today this is their tenth, 20th year, including this gentleman here. how many years. >> 20 years. >> what do you get out of it. >> satisfaction in knowing that i'm doing the right thing to help other people, you know, as we all know, many of us are fortunate, we have good lives and there are people that need our help and this is one small way to do it. not today but every day and there's just no place like this. the feeling, the vibration you feel in this room is what life is about. >> there's no way you would wake up on christmas morning and not be here. >> this is part of our christmas
Dec 30, 2012 10:00pm PST
. the devine ms. m has won 300 titles in your life, right was there ever a point in your career where you just expected the titles oh, title, this again. >> well in the '80s when i was dominated, anything but winning was failure. so i think i won so much that almost forget how to lose. >> tennis magazine has called you the glaetest tennis female player between 1965 and 2005, right? that is a 40-year span of domination >> i didn't know they did that at what point in your childhood did you know you had a gift. at what point did you feel there was something different about you? >> i think i was in third or fourth grade and i realized that i could throw the ball further, i could jump further, i could run faster than all the girls and most of the boys can. >> you come to the state whence you're 18, and then in 1981, several years later, you finally get your citizenship and shortly thereafter, you come out about being a lesbian. did those two things have anything to do with each other >> well, yeah, because i couldn't be public about my sexuality because that was a disqualifier for getting
Dec 6, 2012 12:00pm CST
out, while tim jennings and earl bennett both sat out of practice. devin hester returned from a concussion, while alshon jeffery is back after having knee surgery two weeks ago. meanwhile, the vikings will be without their top receiver percy harvin, who was placed on season- ending injured reserve. the white sox found a new third baseman at the winter meetings. 32- year- old jeff keppinger signed a three- year 12- million dollar deal. he's played for seven teams in his career, and hit .325 for tampa bay last year. keppinger does not strike out often and is a good in- fielder. the move means the sox will not sign free agent kevin youkilis, but g-m rick hahn says the team is not done making moves. the cubs have added depth in the outfield. nate schierholtz signed a one- year deal worth two- and- a quarter million dollars. he's a left- handed batter with a .270 career batting average. schierholtz is expected to be the primary right fielder, but could easily be moved by the trade deadline, since it's a short contract. that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is ne
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Dec 7, 2012 11:00pm PST
, "thank you, devin." >> greg: you carry a weapon at all times. should he have lost his job in >> dana: weapon of words and a sharp mind. in the summertime we talk about a lifeguard in florida who got fired because there was somebody just outside of the boundary where he worked. he got fired because he saved a man from drowning, saved a life. said we have a policy about against saving people's lives outside the boundary. this is similar in that he was able to protect the store, protect the manager. good policy you can't have a weapons on the premise and i get that but sometimes they go too far not having exception to the rule when someone's life is saveed. >> bob: if this guy were carrying a gun in every day and having it in the lunch room or something. but they ought to make exceptions for this. he saveed people's lives and saved the store snore but under your rule he would haven't been able to get his own handgun to bring it back in. >> bob: shotgun. >> andrea: this makes auto zone look really bad. it makes them look like jerks. hey, there is probably a lot of other places love to hi
Dec 15, 2012 3:05pm EST
novel, the middle of a journey, is referenced to first sentence of dante's devine comedy, and in "dante inferno," you get one picture after another of the people that on earth surrounded him, and it's a picture, hypocritical person after another. the surrounding climate of opinion there in italy at the time, and that's so telling and in terms of "witness" to chambers', a great book, and that's the tone i get, that book, more importantly than anything else, which was that he livedded in a time and culture of opinion that swirled around him that didn't believe him, didn't see these things, could not grasp them, could not believe that this person could have challenged someone like that, and that was -- it was a foreign ideology that had come into america. it was a first. it came in the 1930s, and then in the 1940 #s and 50s, ewe that in the cold war, one which underneath it all said everything in civilization, western civilization was illegitimate, fraudulent, reject authority, and you had to swim in that, and that's what chambers had to do. it came back in the 1960 #s, the left, th
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Dec 30, 2012 9:00am PST
hammered out a deal. that was the senate chaplain barry black asking for a little devine intervention. looks like they will need it. a democratic aide says there has been a setback and "we are further back than they were 24 hours ago." that is the latest from capitol hill. we'll keep an eye on it. we have told you the story of the iranian christian pastor jailed in iran for converting from islam to christianity. after being held for years he was released in september only to be reimprisoned on christmas day. his attorney has also been jailed and that is not all. iran is now holding an iranian born but now u.s. citizen, a pastor visiting his family in iran when was stopped by the revolutionary guard and then in prison where he has been for months. joining us is jordan seculo. thanks for coming in today. we thought that the worst was over and sounds like he is back. >> christmas day. the message arrested, summoned back to the same prison. same prison official. got released 33 days short of a full three years in prison. he put up bond. that was in september. september 8. now
FOX News
Dec 14, 2012 6:00am PST
many this morning. why the location of an earthquake only hours ago is telling. alisyn: and devine intervention or just bad luck? what stops two thieves from robbing a church? bill: guilt. [laughter] first christmas. these deals all seem great at the time... but later... [ shirt ] merry christmas, everybody! not so much. ho ho ho! this isn't that kind of deal. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. looking back if it wasn't for shriners hospital,. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. things would just be really, really different. i lost my leg when i was a kid. there was a time when i felt like i wasn't going to be able to walk again... it was a pretty bad accident but shriners showed me who i could be again. they turned my whole life around. hunter's life is one of nearly a million changed by donations from people like you. send your love to the rescue. donate today. alisyn: breaking news to tell you right now. there are reports of a school shooting in new town, connecticut. at the sandy hook elementary school. offic
Dec 14, 2012 9:00am PST
bringing my son, devin, to school when all the police cars and emergency vehicles were driving by. so my gut told me that they were headed to the school, and we drove down and confirmed that they were headed to the school. they were surrounding a dark suv or van with a tooele on top, and there was a strange burning smell and we left. we went home. on the way we learned that there was a shooting at the school. the school puts out a blast, so i didn't bring my son to his school, the high school. we just went home where friends who have children in the school asked us to come to a friend's house that's next door to the school and see p if we could find out anything, if their children were okay. that's where we met lynn and have been helping him. >> liz, about exactly -- >> we're following this breaking news story. we have stunning new details from a eyewitness inside the school. we're going to bring that to you after we take a quick break. americans believe they should be in charge of their own future. how they'll live tomorrow. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked fo
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)